Saturday, June 26, 2010

Say Cheese :-)

I'm on a roll...I keep pumping these babies out of the oven (and no, I'm not pregnant). I try to find recipes and inspiration from just surfing the net and seeing what others are baking. There are so many that I am planning on trying. I will get to them soon.

Anyway, today Brian and I went to Tiburon for a company BBQ. Too bad Team USA lost :-) Boo! So for the BBQ, everyone is expected to bring a dish. Of course, I saw this as an awesome opportunity to bake more and have people eatting it.

Today's menu is Mini Cheesecakes. Super simple recipe, but I had one problem with it. The cookie crust tends to fall apart easily. There were two types: 1. Honey Graham Crackers and 2. Oreos. I realized that after the cheesecakes are baked, it's best to refrigerate them for a few hours before consuming. I also added strawberry jam to the top to give it flavor. I must they it was pretty delish and I love that they are bite size.

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