Friday, May 28, 2010

Our 2010 Mission

I'm so excited to make a big announcement! This summer and for the rest of the year, we're going on a big mission to hit up every cupcake store in the Bay Area. What does that mean - ROADTRIP! haha...not really, more like sitting in traffic while listening to Lady Gaga. But seriously, we've taken it upon us to try each store and compare cupcakes from one bakery to another. The only bad news is that I will have to work out on the threadmill an extra hour a day. Do you know how many calories are in each cupcake??? If you don't know you don't want to. Ignorance is bliss in this case, but don't blame me if you notice your jeans are getting tighter.

Last night was the opening of Sex and the City 2. Awesome movie, but not as good as the first one. We watched it at AMC Theatres in Bay Street, Emeryville. This was perfect as we kicked off our first cupcake testing starting at Teacake Bake Shop. The front of the store is super cute and they do a good job of teasing you with their baked goodies right in front of the window. It's like a stripclub that has pics of scantily clad women with a big $1 peep show sign up, except this time it's beautifully decorated cupcakes. How can we resist?'s what we had:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

H&M Cute lipgloss

This is cheesey and maybe lame, but look what I found at H&M! Cute raspberry flavored lipgloss in a cupcake container. Very cute and tastes great. Only $2.95!

Can't wait to see "Sex and the City 2" tonight with Fran!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the joy begin!

Fran and I are so excited and thrilled to start blogging about our baking adventures. I've seen so many other wonderful blogs about cooking and baking. Everyone has the most amazing recipes and pictures to go with it. I don't know how ours will be different, but I hope reading our blog is more enjoyable than watching paint dry.