Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate?

It's 3am on a Friday night and I'm starting to feel tired now. I just got back from dinner with friends - Jenn, Liv, Asahi, Dave, and Steve. We celebrated Asahi's birthday at La Mediterrane in the Castro - always a great time.

Today I baked a Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate cream cheese frosting. It was definitely a very chocolate rich recipe that I found on someone else's blog. There were mixed reviews - too rich, too sweet, or excellent. Those who loved chocolate loved my cupcakes and those who don't love chocolate thought it was ok. Can't satisfy everyone. I thought it was a chocolate lover's dream come true. It semi-sweet chocolate pieces made the cupcake much more richer than any other cupcake bather I've made. It was very dense and thick.

Presentation wise, I think the frosting looks like a big dookie on a cupcake. Chocolate on chocolate just doesn't make the overall presentation pop. There's no contrast in colors. I tried using different color sprinkles, but that didn't work.

So far I've been making frosting with cream cheese and it's very difficult to decorate with that type. I need to start making more buttercream frosting, especially swiss merengue (suggested by Stephanie).

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