Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cake balls for Dara's Birthday!

It was last Christmas when I first had one of these so called "cake balls". My cousin had made red velvet ones for our family Christmas party. They were quite yummy. I didn't think of making them until recently when my friends and I were at a bar and someone had brought a nice display of these chocolate cake balls and I told myself I had to make them. They were soooooo good! Just thinking of them makes me drool! Bite sized chocolate cake covered with chocolate! It doesn't get any better than that! So with my friend, Dara's birthday coming up, I told her I'd make them. I had to experiment the first round though, just so I could get the technique down. I had some Funfetti cake mix laying around and some leftover cream cheese frosting that I had made for another baking session. Here's what I got:

They didn't look so good after I covered them in chocolate. Most recipes just called for you to roll the chocolate covered ball off the spoon or fork onto parchment paper. These balls didn't look so good. I couldn't get the balls to roll off the fork or the spoon so that the chocolate on the outside would look smooth and round. They were just sorta deformed looking and where some parts of the cake was exposed, it would ooze out because as the cake defrosted, the only way it could go was out.

I brought them into my office and it took less than an hour for over 60 balls to be devoured!

My first time making these ever, turned out kinda bleh to me. Perhaps that just because I'm quite critical of my own baking. The Funfetti cake was a bit too moist and sticky to begin with and most recipes that you find online will have you mixing the cake with a whole container of frosting. Don't do that...it's wayyyy too much. I would probably start with half a container if you're going to buy it and work more into the mixture if it's not sticky enough to form a ball.

Dara's birthday party was this past Saturday and I had to make sure these balls looked a bit more pleasing to the eye. Dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate coating...and ta-
They tasted yummy too!


  1. Wow...drastic improvement from the 1st batch to the 2nd. You are a quick learner!! I also like how the 2nd batch is darker chocolate color. Looks more fresher than the lighter one. Or perhaps it's just the lighting.

    Who's camera took the last picture with Jenn and Barry in the background?

  2. I know, right? so much better! I agree with the color. This time around I used chips instead.

    Mikey took that pic.