Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gum Paste and Fondant Class Completed!!!

I had taken a Wilton basic cake decorating class at Michael's a couple years back and really wanted to move on to the next class because Annie and I have been baking more and I wanted to learn how to add more flare to our cupcakes. Watching Ace of Cakes really inspired me to take this class too. The class is only 4 sessions long, every Wednesday night for a month. I figured I could squeeze that into my schedule somehow. Shouldn't be hard, right?
At first I thought, this would be easy to go to class from 6:30pm-8:30pm once a week. It turned out to be quite a challenge. Prepping for the class everyday beforehand was what made it hard. To find the time to go to Michael's and use their lovely 40% off coupons for one item, which you could only use once a day, and luckily I live 2 minutes away...and then to have my gum paste and fondant colored in advance so that in class I would have sufficient time to make my flowers. I found myself scrambling every Wednesday after work, right before class putting together all of my materials. I'll spare you the details of my day today, but I honestly thought that my cake would end up looking like crap because it was such a rush job to bake the cake, level it, fill and frost it and get the fondant colored and layed out on the cake. I felt like I was in one of those competitions you see on the Food Network.

Well, in the picture above, it turned out looking better than I thought. Just don't take a really close look because you'll see all the imperfections in the fondant and the flowers. Good for the first time...I will definitely do better on the next one! I'm skipping August for a breather and then in September...Wilton's Flower and Cake Design class! Woohoo!

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